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About Oriel

Oriel Management Consulting Pte Ltd (“Oriel”) is a boutique consulting firm specializes in providing guidance to small & medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in the areas of business financing, product or service commercialization, market expansion mechanics such as channel development management via agency rights & distributorship, franchising, licensing, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

Our Motto

We Grow with You

Oriel understands that many SMEs have great business ideas, and product/services readily available to be offered to international markets. However, they are often constrained by inadequate resources in Capital, Connections and Capabilities.

We provide transaction support assistance to SMEs on matters relating to buying and selling of businesses, procuring finance and strategic partners to pursue business growth initiatives such as business mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, franchising, licensing, acquiring agencies or distributorships, and large asset developments such as transportation facilities (highways, sea/airports), environmental (solid waste management, water & wastewater treatment), medical (hospitals, clinics & pharmacy chains), hospitality & leisure, industrial, residential and commercial projects.

Oriel’s access to strong network of consulting partners, private equity funds and banks in Asia, and our in-depth understanding of their requirements has enabled us to assist our Clients develop customized roadmap to achieve significant earnings growth, procure the necessary financing, and hand-hold them throughout the journey so that they accomplish the various milestones set out in the roadmap.

The Oriel Advantage

Value Creation Partnership

Long-term Commitment

Oriel is committed to our course of building SME businesses today into business leaders of tomorrow. Our long-term commitment is demonstrated from providing business support and guidance at every phase of your business journey: Incubation & Start-up Phase, Growth Phase, Internationalisation Phase, and Cruising/IPO or Post-IPO Phase.

Tailor-made & Pragmatic Solutions

Oriel knows that creativity, agility and flexibility are critical to ensure today's business success. Our team of professionals will provide you with tailored-made programs structured along the following key areas so as to enable your company to scale greater heights:

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