We Grow with You
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We Grow with You program

Oriel understand the major challenges facing SMEs, each SME which embarks on the Oriel “We Grow with You” Program will have a “Customized Roadmap” configured based on the SME’s current situation and how it can achieve SIGNIFICANT increase in earnings & net-worth in the next 1 to 5 years.

A team comprising of Program Manager, Business Coach and Specialist consultants will “hand-hold” the SME throughout the growth journey. The Program Managers, Business Coaches and Specialist consultants will be shortlisted in consultation with Oriel Program Command Centre and then appointed by the SME.

Each SME company shall have a dedicated Program Manager:

Roles of the Program Manager:

Roles of the Business Coach:

The Specialist consultants may be engaged by the SME depending on context and when the need arises. These Specialist consultants will provide guidance to the SME, and follow through on the various growth initiatives (JV, M&A, licensing, franchising, distributorship formation & management, etc) and work with Oriel to procure the necessary funding to finance these growth initiatives.

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